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Would you like someone who is compassionate, caring, organised with attention to detail and professional to arrange your baby shower? I can confidently say that Kiley is all of that and so much more. I was so impressed and overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness that she showed in involving my mother in my baby shower, who is in Australia. I was not aware she had contacted her in the early hours of the morning UK time and my mom said the way she communicated with her, was like she was part of the family. So caring and has such a loving, sincere nature, yet was able to still remain professional.


 Kiley did not stop there and went the extra mile with collecting a trinket that my mom had arranged with my husband.  We were both over the moon and it certainly helped to bridge the distance between us.  The baby shower itself... well where do I start and finish?  It was classy, meticulously organised with attention to every detail.  Kiley had contacted all my close friends and she ensured they all felt special, including making sure everyone's dietary requirements were met.  She organised really fun, tasteful games that were certinaly not incentive and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I loved every minute and the time flew by so fast that I wish I could do it all again.


Sandra Snook. Jersey.



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